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Ward 7 Commissioner

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meet james

In 2013, my family and I embarked on a new journey, settling in Ward 7, where we discovered the wonderful Conestoga Village neighborhood. Over the past decade, our time here has been nothing short of incredible. The warm bonds we've forged with neighbors have enriched our lives, and our children, John (10) and Alice (8), have thrived at Radnor Elementary, cherishing their school experiences.

My wife, Martha, and I firmly believe in being active contributors to our community. We've taken every opportunity to get involved, dedicating our time to volunteering in various capacities, such as sports programs, the RES PTO, and girl scouts. 

Our love for this neighborhood, our neighbors, and our community has inspired us to take a step further in giving back. I made the decision to run for the position of commissioner, eager to contribute my skills, passion, and dedication to the betterment of our Ward 7 community.

With heartfelt enthusiasm, I look forward to the opportunity to represent the interests and aspirations of our fellow residents. Together, let us create an even more vibrant, supportive, and thriving community for everyone to cherish.

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what i value


In Ward 7, our diverse community thrives. Let's unite to promote equity, amplify all voices, and collaborate for positive change. Together, we'll create an even better, inclusive community.


I'm a firm believer in progress and investments for our township's advancement. Accountability is crucial in resource allocation to ensure proper representation for our ward and township's well-being.


Ward 7 beckons with great opportunities for homeowners and entrepreneurs alike. Let's invest in a promising future, fostering progressive policies, robust infrastructure, and vibrant community resources to showcase the true potential of this incredible neighborhood.

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