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Commissioner Chronicles: Reflecting on a Productive First Month

Greetings, Radnor residents! Commissioner James Coates here, and it's a wrap on my first month in office. I'm thrilled to share a recap of the happenings around Radnor, particularly in Ward 7, through these monthly notes.

Upon taking my oath and experiencing moments of excitement and gratitude, I swiftly transitioned into "work mode" during my inaugural month. Commissioner meetings, executive sessions, and conditional use hearings filled the agenda, providing a firsthand look into the governance of our community.

Here are a few noteworthy items from the Board of Commissioners (BOC) sessions that I believe deserve attention (in no particular order):

1. Supporting the Shade Tree Commission: I am committed to collaborating with the Shade Tree Commission and look forward to contributing to their initiatives.

2. Development at 60 West (formerly AT&T property): The conditional use hearing for a proposed property at the intersection of West Avenue and Bellevue Avenue has sparked significant community interest. The proposal includes 52 residential condominium units, commercial retail space, stormwater management facilities, and a subsurface parking garage.

Residents have expressed concerns about traffic, the loss of greenspace with limited community access, and the need for the development to align with the "Wayne" aesthetic. There has also been residential support for the project citing the potential positive impact to Wayne businesses and the growth of our admired community.

The BOC will vote on this at the February 12 meeting. Watch the January 8th hearing here. 

3. Evaluation of Dog Policies at Skunk Hollow Park: The BOC will review recommendations from the Parks and Recreation Board regarding dogs at Skunk Hollow Park during the February 12, 2024 Regular Meeting. If you have strong opinions on this matter, I encourage you to attend the session.

4. Financial Excellence Recognition: The Radnor Finance Department received its 12th consecutive "Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting" from the Government Finance Officers Association for the 2022 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report & Audit. I’m very proud of our township staff and this is well deserved recognition. 

While the first month presented more than I initially expected, sitting in these meetings and hearing from residents has underscored the importance of our work. As we address concerns and ensure residents are heard, recognized, and supported, I am reminded of the responsibility we bear.

I urge you all to stay informed by reading meeting minutes, keeping up with the latest developments, and reaching out to me or your ward commissioner to ensure your voices are heard. Together, we shape the future of Radnor.

The next scheduled BOC meeting is Monday, January 29, 2024 - 6:30 PM

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